Clarity & Prosperity is designed to whip your mindset, finances and business into shape simultaneously in just 6 weeks. The ultimate dose of clarity, this course will help you get your biz shiz together and finally make traction towards your big picture goals.


Create a 12-month action plan for your dream business.


Do you crave clarity, consistency and results in your business? Look no further!

This 6-module course will turn you into the ultimate CEO by taking you on a step-by-step journey to transform your chaotic online business into a well-oiled (and perfectly scheduled) money-making machine.

It's Perfect For You If:

  • You’re a solopreneur who sells downloadable products, courses and/or 1-on-1 services online - or aspires to!
  • You’re ready to get completely clear on your business & life goals.
  • You’re excited to take control of your business (and life) financially.
  • You’re ready to map out your business step-by-step and fill your calendar with an action plan that leads to creating your dream life!

Topics Include: Clarity, goal setting, business planning, personal & business finances, product creation, launching, systems, productivity & time management

"Lauren’s course is a game-changer. I’ve never seen a course with so much detail about how to set up and plan my business – from systems to checklists and how to focus on the most important priorities! This is an amazing course if you want to make sure you are ticking all the boxes as you establish and grow your business."
- Tanya Cunningham,
"Lauren left a huge positive impact on me, guiding my idea to business launch. The most surprising thing for me was discovering my self-limiting beliefs that altered the way I approached my life. I now have more confidence to face my fears, can see my business broken down into realistic working parts, and I feel in control with my finances. She also opened my eyes to all the blessings in my life and made me realize how grateful I am in my present journey emotionally, spiritually, and financially."
- Amorose Mei, MBA,

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Sarah Stone,  

Cassandra Padgett,

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Cornelia Constantinescu,

“Clarity and Prosperity is the link I've been missing for years! I've been working at home since 2005, and never had the success I desired. Month after month, year after year, I felt more tired and frustrated with my life than I did when I was working at a job I absolutely hated. I'm only thirty, and I was already feeling burned out with my life. Not only that, I was ashamed of the failure I'd become. If not for the fact that I also homeschool my children, and have a toddler and an infant that would add an extra $200 a week in daycare bills to the budget, I would've gone back to the workplace long ago. After all, if you're going to be miserable, you may as well have a reliable income source.

Clarity and Prosperity is a God-send! This course is unlike any other on the market, and trust me, I've done THEM ALL. The difference with Clarity and Prosperity is that it's not just about receiving a ton of information and being left to figure it out for yourself. The entire process is built around actionable steps that you must do in order to complete the next---from starting off by getting extremely clear about what you want in life (and how much dissonance stands between it and where you are now), to creating a revenue goal based on that information, and then breaking it down into obtainable sales targets. Lauren is more than a coach. She's like the best friend that wants to see you succeed, but also isn't afraid to call you out on your B.S. More than that, she's relatable and down to earth. I learned so much from her, and I had fun doing it!

My absolute favorite part of the course was ending with a detailed calendar for the next three months, and a clear plan in mind for what comes after! I no longer feel exhausted and overwhelmed when I sit down to work. Instead, I feel energized and ready for what the day will bring. I know EXACTLY what I need to do in my business to feel accomplished for the day, and I don't push myself past my scheduled office hours because of guilt over spinning my wheels all day. I love the system so much, that I've modeled some of the techniques into my personal life as well. Thank you, Lauren, for Clarity and Prosperity! My life and my business will never be the same.”

- Alicia Butler,
“Lauren has really gone above and beyond in this course. Now only does she provide resources, meditations, but she give samples of what she has done to help you to see where to go with the activities. She helps you to get crystal clear on your money goal, instead of just picking a number out of the air, and it really helps you to realize how realistic your goal can be, and the products and services you need to meet that goal. She was great with questions and feedback as well. One other great part of the course is the scheduler and time blocking! Wow don't spend your time all over the place. Get clear on what you need to do and block it, so you can have time to LIVE too! Great Course! Well Done!"

- Kelli Hughart, HHP, M.A.Ed.,
"I feel honored to have worked with Lauren in her Clarity & Prosperity course. Lauren is truly amazing and her course is fantastic. I have taken several other courses in my journey to become an entrepreneur, but Clarity & Prosperity combined all of the best parts of those other courses, made them better, and then took it five steps forward. You start off with Designing your dream life, and learn to take charge of your financial power. That was truly an eye-opening step for me and one that I am very glad that I was encouraged to take. You can’t know where you are going without understanding where you have been.

Lauren is very knowledgeable and personable and encouraging every step of the way. I love her business savvy and how she brings that to the table to teach you how to take steps towards your Dream Life. The way that Lauren does this is through well thought-out steps, powerful worksheets, and even a few guided meditations to help you better visualize your future. These steps also help you to realize that your dream is attainable. Unlike so many courses that promise a get-rich scheme, Lauren shows you that you need to roll up your sleeves and do the work. She will also help you set up systems to help attain those goals in a systematic way. If you want to learn how to set up your dream business, do yourself a favor and take her Clarity & Prosperity course. Your future self and your dreams will thank you!

- Kate Fogelson,
"I LOVE THIS COURSE! Clarity & Prosperity is a comprehensive blueprint for creating an authentic and enjoyable lifestyle and a lucrative business. Lauren Lund has put her incredible expertise and business acumen, along with her organizational skills into a very clear program. Her warm guidance took me through heart and soul clarity to nuts and bolts information for running my business. Her wise and logical step by step approach is so carefully thought out and beautifully presented. I highly recommend Clarity And Prosperity... It has given me a map of precisely what I have to do to have the business of my dreams!"

- Rene Cerrito, CPCC,
"Thank you so much for the Clarity and Prosperity course - it was fantastic!

Right from the outset, I've loved everything about the course. I remember speaking with you prior to the commencement of the course to see if it was going to be a good fit for me and you made me feel comfortable straight away. You answered my questions and I immediately knew that I was going to learn a lot from you and your course.

I loved how practical you made everything which really helped me to apply what I had learned. You clearly explained each of the steps and your course material was fantastic - it supported what you discussed in each module and the instructions for completing worksheets were very clear and easy to follow. I also loved how beautiful and visually appealing your course and materials looked.

My biggest takeaway from the course was the Magic Revenue Number. I really appreciated the build up in the first few modules which helped me to determine my Magic Revenue Number. Up until now I have guessed at how much I would like to earn; plucked numbers out of thin air. Now, I know exactly what I am aiming for and what I need to do to achieve that revenue number. This gives me so much clarity and I know if I'm on target or not and what I need to do to adjust. I have taken your spreadsheet and modified it so I can keep track of how many products/services I've sold and how many to go to reach my target. This is very exciting because I can see that reaching my Magic Revenue Number is really achievable. I feel much more in control of my business than I did before starting this course.

Thanks again for such a fantastic course. I have learned heaps and feel so much more in control of my business. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking for clarity in their business and developing a solid action plan to achieve their goals.“

- Catherine Bowyer,

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