101 Insanely Helpful Tips For Making More Money In Your Online Business

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So, you wanna make more money?

Take more trips? Live lavishly? Or perhaps, simply pay the bills with enough left over for a few guilt-free online shopping sprees? (I see you, Amazon Wish List!) When it comes to making more money online, it’s not just about raising your prices! Use the 101 tips in my free 30-page guide to turn your biz into a well-oiled machine, and watch the dolla-dolla billz roll in as a result.

(Warning: Other side effects of following these tips may include a major boost in confidence, feeling like your business is a legit thing, loving your numbers, knowing exactly what to work on and when, and making shit happen like it's your job, because... it is.)


Now, to get the 101 insanely helpful tips, you’ve gotta download my free guide. But I’ll give you the Cliffsnotes version in this post, just in case your email is broken or you hate super helpful free things.

If this is our first time meeting, you should know that I am obsessed with helping online business owners make M-O-N-E-Y so they can support their dream lifestyle. 

Your dream lifestyle might be living in a mansion in Malibu with a personal chef, or it might be living in a small apartment and paying off your college loans. Whatever you decide, it’s YOUR dream! I’m just here to bridge the gap so you can make that happen.

Your online business "success" is a recipe that only you can create, just like your definition of success is going to be unique to only you. Everyone’s recipe is going to be slightly different, but through experimentation, trial & error and relentless persistence, you WILL figure out a recipe that works for you. 

With that being said, there are a few key ingredients that everyone’s recipe for success should include, and they are:

  1. Clarity (clear purpose, vision, goals etc.)
  2. An Action Plan (that you will actually STICK to)
  3. Content Strategy (build your audience by creating lots of irresistible free content)
  4. Communication (frequently communicate with your audience)
  5. Selling Smarter (creating products/services that people are truly excited about)
  6. Consistency (staying in momentum)
  7. Tracking Everything (and becoming obsessed with your numbers)

I’ve broken down each of these categories and 101 tips on how to execute them in this guide here.

Here’s a snippet of each of the sections included in the free guide, with descriptions.


Section 1: Clarity - Order a tall glass of clarity, on the rocks!

This is the ultimate starting point, so please don’t skip! What’s the purpose of your online business? What are you trying to achieve? Without clarity about your long-term vision, you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it will stick, which is a perfect strategy if you plan on playing feast-and-famine with your business forever (but ain’t nobody got time for that)!

Section 2: Action Plan - Love your action plan like you love your lattes.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” - Alan Lakein

A good action plan for your business is the same as having a GPS in your car. Without it, you have no idea where the hell you’ll end up! (Hopefully not in the middle of nowhere, although I’m sure it’d be great for tanning.) 

Create an action plan you can obsess over and you'll never have to think twice about spending money on Lululemon anything, ever again.

Section 3: Content Strategy - Give away lots & lots of irresistible free content.

This might seem counterintuitive... Give away content for free, to make more money? But yes! It works! Like a charm actually. 

Here’s the thing: Your dream clients need to know how awesome you are before they’ll be willing to pull out their credit cards. It’s your job to show them that you know your shit, so when they buy from you, they’ll have absolute faith that you’re the go-to person to help them solve their problem. Plus, it helps your dream clients learn who you are, start following you, paying attention to you and overall, loving the hell out of your biz. Just make sure you collect their email address in exchange for your free goodies so you can keep in touch with them in the future… Especially when you launch that new premium product of yours! 

Section 4: Communication - Talk to your audience as much as you talk to your best friend.

Your best friend is super cool and awesome. No doubt. You know who else is super cool and awesome? (Nope, not talking about Khaleesi from Game of Thrones right now, but good guess.) It’s your AUDIENCE --- the dream customers who joined your email list to get your irresistible freebies!

Chatting with your audience all-the-damn-time is arguably one of the most important things you can do to make more money in your business. Your audience likes you… which is why they signed up to hear from you in the first place. Don’t be that person who only chats with their audience when they have something to sell. (Nobody buys from that person!) 

Be your audience’s best friend online by showing up in their inbox on the regular to check in with them. They'll thank you for it, and so will your bank account!

Section 5: Selling The Right Stuff - Sell Products & Services That People Are Truly Excited About

You already know who the right audience is -- your dream customers -- and for the love of matte lipstick if you haven’t written down a detailed description of your dream customers yet, do it now! 

It’s time to make sure you’re selling your dream customers the RIGHT stuff… a.k.a. The awesome products/services that they’re ecstatic to purchase without even caring about the price, because they need it or want it sooo badly. 

Section 6: Consistency - Be Consistent & Stay In Momentum

Consistency is key! You’ve heard it a hundred times and now you’re hearing it again! Could there be something to this? Listen, I know you’re in a funk this week and you really needed to take those 3 days off to binge watch every season of OITNB on Netflix. You’re a real person and running a business puts the weight of the world on your shoulders, so the truth is, sometimes it doesn’t feel fun. Sometimes it feels hard. And in these times, you won’t want to do anything other than binge watch OITNB and pretend you haven’t already made the life-altering choice to single handedly build a potentially mega-successful online business from scratch. (Are you laughing too, or is it just me?)

Guess what, darlin! You absolutely DID decide to build a mega-successful online business from scratch! That’s why you’re here. Thankfully, by now you’ve got clarity, an action plan and a few hella awesome products to sell to your dream customers. It’s time to make it all happen.

Section 7: Tracking Your Finances & Followers - Become obsessed with your numbers

“Energy flows where attention goes.” - James Redfield

Creating spreadsheets and analyzing my business numbers while enjoying a glass of merlot... the latest season of The Mindy Project playing in the background… Is it weird to say this sounds like a perfect Friday night? 

I used to HATE the numerical side of my business… but now, I am absolutely obsessed with tracking everything! As a result, my numbers are climbing faster than Justin Bieber’s latest single to the top of the Billboard charts.  

Okay! Now you know all the sections in my Free Guide: 101 Insanely Helpful Tips For Making More Money In Your Online Business.

If you want the 101 tips that go with them (umm yes please!), download the free guide here!

Did I mention it comes with a printable CEO Mindset checklist? (You'll learn more about the CEO Mindset in the guide!) Hang it in your office where you can see it, gorgeous! Keep it as a constant reminder for staying at the top of your game. (You know it’s where you belong.)



Did you download the free guide? What was your biggest takeaway? I’d love to hear in the comments below!