I'm a productivity & profit coach FOR online business owners.

Which means that I specialize in helping online business owners get strategically productive (get important shit done) and increase their bottom-line (make more money). All while helping them leverage the power of a little blessing I like to call the wild wild web.

It's my job to teach you how to focus on the right activities so you can up-level your income & build a business that will support your dream lifestyle for years to come.

My unique 6-week business course, 1-on-1 coaching sessions & online business resources are designed to help you get clear, organized & strategic behind-the-scenes so you can get more results in less time, and make the money you want to make... Without ever feeling overwhelmed, confused or wondering what the hell to work on next. (Umm, my course is called Clarity & Prosperity for a reason, girlfriend!)

Making your dream income online is not rocket science! It’s just work, mixed with a bit of strategy!

And I know, without a doubt, you can totally pull it off.

  • You're an online business owner (or aspiring online business owner) who is ready to stop fucking around and start getting your shit together!
  • You crave clarity, consistency and/or results in your business.
  • You dream of having a daily/weekly/monthly plan for your business and sticking to it.
  • You procrastinate because you're lacking clarity.
  • You have self-doubts about your awesomeness (or your fears keep you “playing it small”).
  • Information overload is causing you overwhelm.
  • Your perfectionism is a curse when it comes to making traction in your business.
  • You have personal money issues and/or don't track the money in your biz (but know you need to start).
  • Your business is half planned/half winging it (or fully winging it).
  • You either throw spaghetti at the wall with a random idea and pray for the best OR spend way too much time in “analysis paralysis”
  • You get excited about new ideas all the time, but have trouble following through! (By the time you're almost finished something, you've convinced herself that it won’t work and start the next thing!)
  • You feel confused about what to work on each day, and spend a lot of time on “busy” work that isn’t getting you ahead
  • Your goal is to get your business automated and strategic so you can create a steady, predictable income and finally feel like you're in control! (Control over your business = Control over your life!)
  • You're open to meditation, journalling, thought-work, affirmations, self-development and anything else that will help you become a next-level entrepreneur (and human being!)
  • You're ready to get your business organized behind the scenes and get a plan of action in place to take your business from “meh” to “yay!”

If you said YES to ANY of the above statements
(or said "Damn! This is SO me!" to almost everything),
then girl, we're a match made in heaven!

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